V for Verily

I just saw V for Vendetta. Its unfortunate but the part of the movie that... ok so I am not going to give the ending away but if you havn't seen it... well, I will leave alot of spaces so you can stop reading and not accidentally (you know, pareferally) see the stuff I am about to say.

The part that resonated with me the most... ha! see your eyes naturally jumped here so i am giving you one more chance.

The part that resonated with me the most was when a key person monologed about how they could see it all as though connected by a line: beginning, middle, and end. We/they took part in it all and yet were more actors in a play then writters penning a plot. That is how I feel now about our time and our world.

I spend a great deal of time considering what I or anyone person could do to halt this slide towards despotism. Repeatedly I am brought to the same conclusion that time really is the only cure. A society lives and grows through certain rules and one person can no more effect this then they could slow the turning of the earth by running with all their might towards the setting sun. If we have a spokesperson for our time, someone who is seen as leading us into the future it is because society will be looking for one.

I am not sure what the point is of this post. I know the point it has for me, to make me feel less hopeless. Perhaps each of us does have a role, be it the early radicals, the middle seditionist, or the late revolutionaries. Each part must be played, in full, each no less vital then the last.

Ah, but all is not lost. In fact, there is a great deal of hope to be had. How many science fiction stories of a bleak tyrannis future have you read? Well, I bet very few of them include the equivilent of an internet. Today I read about how a senetorial candidate for Navada (South Dakota maybe, or New York... not important) who placed a photo of a market square in Bagdadon his website that was offered as evidence that Iraq "Isn't as bad as the journalist are making it out to be." In fact the photo was supposedly taken as part of a recent trip that he made there. Several bloggers who are familiar with the area noticed that the clothing and architecture seemed wrong. The hunt was on and I believe within a day or two they not only found someone who recognized the actual area but found a nearly identical picture of a market square in nearby Turky. The candidate blamed it on an underlean and the picture was replaced with a real picture of Bagdad, taken from a rather distant hill. Illusions are getting harder to maintain.

Lastly, there is a family in the story which must decide whether or not to leave the country while they still had a chance. The mother wanted to leave, the father refused to leave behind his country. Ultimately they stayed with the expected results. Would I stay? Would I fight the good fight perhaps knowing how futile it would be? Most, including myself, would probably voluntieer for a part if it was the final act. What though would I do if it was the first?

In life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.
~Mother Teresa (I walk by this quote set in the sidewalk everyday on my way to class.)

There are bigger lessons to be learned here but I'll let them stay infured. Its late and I shouldn't be up in my "delicate condition".