Numa Numa And My No Good Very Bad Day

If you are having a bad day, or even a good one, take a moment and search Numa Numa on google video or youtube. Watching the original never fails to cheer me up! Watching the hundreds of other parody videos out there is nothing short of amazing.

At this kids high school/college there are probably only a few people that wouldn't have thought of him as a complete dork, an outcast to be made fun of. Putting his physical appearance aside, you just arn't supposed to do this, to completely let yourself go, unless you are cool. And he is not. Yet now this guy is a hero because enough people were able to see it who could recognize it for what it is, undistilled awesomeness.

I could launch into a whole "this is why the internet is going to change things once those older people die off" but I won't. I have to get my life back together before I will feel I have the right to pontificate here again.

But please, sometime soon, find this video and dance along:-) You won't regret it! You can even make your own...