Hate Mongers...

mon·ger n. -
  1. A dealer in a specific commodity. Often used in combination: an ironmonger.
  2. A person promoting something undesirable or discreditable. Often used in combination: a scandalmonger; a warmonger.

So a hate monger is someone who tries to sell hate.

I'll get right to it since I don't have alot of time tonight. I saw a man on campus today with two short extension cords who was using them to demonstrate how plugging them together works and when you do so you get electricity that powers your TV, your computer, and so on... It took him quite some time to get this particular point across because I must have walked from 100 feet before him to some 200 feel after him while listening to this. At this point I heard this:
"This does not work (presumably trying to plug a male end into a male end). This is not right. Homosexuality is not right. Homosexuality is not natural."
He continued but I don't remember any more of it. I stopped where I was and turned around in disbelief. I know this kind of stuff exists but I never thought I would hear it in public, on a college campus. Had I not had a class in 2 minutes I would have gone back and discussed this further with him.

I wonder if this is how I would feel accedentally walking into a KKK rally.

Do these people not realize history will see them in the same way? When, in the course of humanity, has descriminating against a particular group of people for whatever reason ever been a good thing. My heart is racing with anger even now thinking about it.

Being included in society is a basic need of people. Depriving them of this is an act of cruelty that mainstream Christians can't or won't understand. At least I hope they don't understand because if they do know what they are doing then I have truely lost all respect. The sad part is someone must be doing this on purpose because there has been enough evidence for many years now to suggest that there are differences in brain structure between homosexuals and heterosexuals of the same sex. Regardless of how it got there the brain structure aint changing so lets live and let live!

What is so wrong about homosexuality? I am led to believe that they are hated simply because they are different. This makes the right no different then the freaking Nazies who used the Jews and other minorities as foils against which they could strengthen national pride. *gasp* How could I have compared a group of people with someone who used fear and hatred to cloud the judgement of his people.


Why are we so quick to hate and fight?

Oye, I have work to do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Liz Vermeersch said...

Have to admit, I'm a bit interested in the comment that was deleted.

As a Christian, yeah, I don't get why people tend to focus on two or three OT verses, while proceeding to essentially ignore all the verses in both the OT and NT that refer directly and explicitly to helping the poor and creating a community of inclusion, not exclusion. It's one are where the Catholic church and I have some... differences. However, the Catholic church is also the only one I've encountered who embraces not only the idea of helping the poor through charity, but also the idea of changing the system so there are fewer (ideally no) poor. That on top of a policy of complete sanctity of life ("from womb to tomb") is why I'm still here. Well, that and the idea that you can't change an organization that you're not a part of.

Anyway. I was shocked when I read that encounter that you had. Human beings aren't exactly electrical cords. And if someone starts going off on you about how "it's not natural", ask them if bonobo monkeys are "natural". Homosexuality has been observed in nature many times, and given that bonobos are closely related to humans, genetically (the only ones closer are chimps, as I recall), the argument against the "natural" aspect is a bit hollow.

Keep writing!

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